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Latest News items first - older stuff goes back into the dawn of prehistory!

November 2009 - not much gigging going on anywhere for anybody at the moment, so catch us whenever you get a chance. We're still going though, spending our time writing some new material for the new album that we hope to start in the New Year.

In the meantime, have a great Christmas!

24th Jan 2006 - Happy New Year to all! Got another lovely review from RUPE'S GIG GUIDE for a gig at the Red Lion in High Wycombe. It was a great night, and the audience made us very welcome. Thanks guys!

12th October 2005 - Got a lovely review from Blues Matters magazine, reproduced here verbatim. Yes, they got the band members a bit out, but they liked the live set AND the songwriting, which is the main thing.


TiggaRecords. 11tracks. 44 mins.

I caught Birmingham based Kate & Tony Gee & their band over Kettering way at the Monk and Minstrel where along with veteran blues guitarist Bob Wilson and drummer Heath Leight they entertained us with a gutsy set of Kates originals and NCC (no crappy covers). I was particularly taken by the overall quality of the songs and Bob's guitar was definitely what I needed. As Bob said "when I joined the band I thought the songs were all standards I'd never heard before" and he was right. The CD is a reminder of that evening a chance to get to know a bit more about the songs I'd been listening to. The line-up for the album is different, being augmented by keyboard etc. but the songs are still there and the quality is still there. Apparently Brums full of tribute bands. Well tough for them we'll take Prussian Blue every 3 months or so.

Al Tait

For the record, Tony Gee was actually Dave Gee, and the drummer for that night was Richard Spooner.

2nd September 2005 - We're now a registered trade mark! So we're going to have to put little ® after our name from now on. Doesn't sound much, but it actually means a lot to us.

1st August 2005 - A couple of nice reviews for the last two CDs from Jolly Roger at Radio Waves - thanks Roger. Four stars and five stars - pretty good, what?

23rd July 2005 - Latest news is that we've finally launched the new album, Room at Night. It's been a long time coming, but we're there now. And you can buy it from this site! We've managed to get a system sorted out that uses Paypal to manage the secure credit card stuff, and we've put together a very simple e-cart on the Sales pages to help you choose the albums. So go ahead, shop till you drop!

4th March 2005 - Got a mention on a German website specialising in English Folk Music (!) for our cover of the Sandy Denny song "Who Knows Where the Time Goes?" on the Zielasko album. We're no 26, sandwiched between Fairport Convention 1997 and 1998 - quite an honour. Many thanks to Reinhard Zierke.

June 2004 - Did Northampton Folk in the Park festival again. Steve James has settled in as our new drummer, and Bob and Tony are really making that twin guitar thing gel now.

July 2003 - We've got another festival - Lichfield Rock and Pop, two days after Cropredy!  See Tour dates - we're at LRAP ( on Saturday August 9th. This is the dual guitarists line-up, which is becoming an increasingly popular format for the band.
Also, we have a new drummer! Well, two actually. There's Steve James (Curtis Little), who will be playing at Cropredy and quite a few gigs thereafter, and Gerry Freeman (Applejacks), who will be doing LRAP with us because Steve couldn't make it.

June and July 2003 - In the meantime, Kate and Tony have been getting through some serious duo work at a number of pubs and clubs. One needs special mention, The Bell at Brackley - The gaffers Tim and Jackie are lovely people, and it's always a pleasure to play there. The beer's good too!

May 2003 - We've got Cropredy again!  See Tour dates - we're back at the Brasenose on Thursday August 7th. We hit grass at 2:30 pm. Things have been quiet on the news front for a while, although we have been gigging steadily. The band has also started going out in a number of formats, featuring Kate and Tony as a duo, Kate, Dave and Bob or Paul as a trio, and we'll be doing a gig at The Wheatsheaf in Leighton Buzzard on the 13th of June with two guitarists for a real rock night! BTW, the Cropredy gig will be the full 7 piece line-up!

September 2002 - PB do Europe! Well, we've got a couple of gigs in the Czech Republic, around Brno. We're flying into Vienna, as Prague is still under water. We've been assured that Brno is in the mountains, so flooding doesn't come into it. Will give you more info, and maybe some pics when we get back. Wish us luck!

Summer 2002 - we've been busy doing the festivals - The Northampton Folk Festival, The Spiceball Park (Banbury), The Heather Folk Festival (Leicestershire), Luppitt Midsummer Madness (Devon), The Northampton Balloon Show (that was big, and a fantastic day), The Moseley Festival. This probably explains why we haven't got round to finishing the album. Soon!

Jan 2002 - CD News - just finished a wonderful 11 days recording the new CD at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth. It's residential and has great food.
The list of people who have worked there is impressive, to say the least - Queen (we used the piano Bohemian Rhapsody was played on), Black Sabbath, Mike Oldfield, Simple Minds, Robert Plant, Stone Roses, Annie Lennox, Oasis, Paul Weller, Manic Street Preachers, New Order, Catatonia, Starsailor, Supergrass, Prussian Blue. Need to get the artwork sorted out, and get the thing pressed, which could take a while, but we're hoping for a release in the Autumn More details later.

August 2001 - more site news - we've got the piccies back from the Cropredy festival gig - they look great, all thanks to Andy Thorpe for his expertise. See the Cropredy Pictures Page.

June 2001 - We got another couple of festivals this year, and a gig in the pub at Cropredy on the weekend of the big fest - check out the Tour Dates pages for details

March 2001 - Latest site news - we've got tablature! (lyrics with chords - yeah, I didn't know it was called that either). Have a look at the lyrics page, and you'll see that most of the more recent songs have been tablaturised!

The next bit of news is that we've got a Festival! Check out the Tour Dates Page for details, but it's called TOGFEST and it's in Bradwell Abbey, Milton Keynes on the 8th of July. They reckon there should be about 6,000 people there, so we're looking forward to some bigtime showing off!

The Big Bit Of News This Week - we've got the .com! We bought it from a lovely lady in Cambridge, Massachusetts called Penelope Schenk. She's an artist, and you can find her work on Transferring it was a major pain though - we'd like to thank Penny for her help and patience.

Penny says she originally bought the domain name because of her dad, who was also an artist. He said that, of all the colours, Prussian Blue "spreads" the easiest. By that he meant that, after using it for a few minutes, he'd got some on his nose! I hope we spread well, without getting UP anyone's nose!

That album again! We've got an online review, check out Acid Attack Music, there's a review of Child in the New section, and Zielasko is reviewed under "P" for Prussian Blue. Life is simple.

The next snippet of goss is that we've got some record shops to sell the album. Again, see the Merchandise page for details.

The first and most important news is that we have a new CD out, called Child, in case you hadn't guessed. The design of the new website supports the sleeve design for the CD. For info on how to get the CD, and all our other lovely stuff, click Merchandise on the nav bar, or click here.

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